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TrafficMaster Underlayment with Attached Vapor Barrier for Floating Floors

  • TrafficMaster Underlayment for floating engineered floors and laminate and 5mm + thicker of Luxury Vinyl Tile, Luxury Vinyl Plank, Rigid Core Vinyl Plank and Floating WPC
  • Insulates and reduces moisture to add comfort underfoot
  • Suitable for use in both commercial or residential spaces
  • Reduces unwanted noise from traveling to other rooms

TrafficMaster Underlayment with
Excellent Sound Control and Superior Moisture Protection 

Protection from Leaks

Spills, leaky plumbing, faulty icemakers can cause floor damage. TrafficMaster's fibers can absorb up to 5 times it's own weight, drawing harmful moisture in while protecting the overlying floor.

Moisture Protection

  • Water vapor is present in concrete
  • If vapors are blocked or trapped, vapors become harmful water.
  • Concrete needs to breathe, never allows vapors to become bulk moisture
  • The attached vapor barrier protects the overlying flooring from harmful moisture.
  • Fibers are treated with a safe anti-microbial to inhibit mold and mildew.

Product Overview

Get the ultimate in flooring protection with the exclusive Acoustical Underlayment with Attached Vapor Barrier from TrafficMASTER. Features include the ability to extend wearability, reduce sound from impact and between flooring, provide insulation that gives way to perception of flooring temperature underfoot, reduced moisture and provide greater comfort. It's also engineered to absorb up to 5 times it's own weight, drawing harmful moisture away from overlying floor.

  • Environmentally friendly, utilizing 94% recycled fibers, green choice versus all the petroleum-based underlayment on the market
  • Superior acoustical test scores that generally meet or exceed the requirements for sound barriers between floors in multiple housing construction set forth by most municipality or condominium association building codes
  • Synthetic fiber pads are fast becoming the most specified underlayment for floating wood and laminate floors by architects and designers because of their acoustical and moisture protection qualities
  • Designed to draw sound in and help deaden it, not deflect, helping make laminate floors sound more like real wood
  • Impact Insulation Class (IIC) rating of 60 and a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 54
  • Offers great moisture protection
  • Can be installed over wood or concrete sub floors
  • Roll measures 400 in. x 36 in. x 1/8 in.

TrafficMaster Underlayment Customer Reviews

Lu - March 21, 2018

Laminate Underlayment at Home Depot

This is a really nice underlayment product. We used it under laminate flooring and it provides a cushion for walking on it while softening the noise. It was simple to install with a vapor barrier tape between rolls. We used it directly over the cement floor in the lower level to ensure any moisture there is prevented from reaching the flooring.

BPuttkammer - August 1, 2016

TrafficMaster Roll In Use

We used the underlayment to protect the new laminate we installed in our upstairs. The barrier protects from water and condensation and also provides a dampener between floor levels. It is very easy to cut with a utility knife and stays in place without too much effort. I highly recommend using this on ground floors and upstairs. The extra cushion helps level out floor boards.

frljo1 - February 19, 2016

I have installed this underlayment in one of my apartment I i can notice in lower apartment noise is cut down for more then 60% then regular one, in order to get regular one the same effect I usually instal the cardboard then regular white underlayment and noise was manageable in the unite below, what i'm trying to say this underlayment is perfect for upstair units and i see the benefits for condominium usage also it does have the water barrier installed on it which will protect your engineered hardwood floor it will minimise the expansion do to moisture coming out of concrete, and it will eliminate squeaky floors I reay like this product.

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